Commit 7b52a48d authored by sqian's avatar sqian Committed by Shuo Qian

Fix broken check for TelephonyManager#getForbiddenPlmns

(backport from a fix merged in pi-dev)

Bug: 73884967
Test: Treehugger
Change-Id: I9deaae20893184cde36dcd936fe83708fa60b830
Merged-In: I0cf7920e138892fbcab71fae0eed1293f0b2e404
Merged-In: I9e3456e5f1e479b0e2b102f6c90db57cd0e977fe
parent 86cfcaa6
......@@ -4444,7 +4444,7 @@ public class TelephonyManager {
ITelephony telephony = getITelephony();
if (telephony == null)
return null;
return telephony.getForbiddenPlmns(subId, appType);
return telephony.getForbiddenPlmns(subId, appType, mContext.getOpPackageName());
} catch (RemoteException ex) {
return null;
} catch (NullPointerException ex) {
......@@ -1306,12 +1306,12 @@ interface ITelephony {
* Returns null if the query fails.
* <p>Requires that the calling app has READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE
* <p>Requires that the calling app has READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE or READ_PHONE_STATE
* @param subId subscription ID used for authentication
* @param appType the icc application type, like {@link #APPTYPE_USIM}
String[] getForbiddenPlmns(int subId, int appType);
String[] getForbiddenPlmns(int subId, int appType, String callingPackage);
* Check if phone is in emergency callback mode
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