Commit 3db82b0a authored by Eran Messeri's avatar Eran Messeri Committed by syphyr

Permission Check For DPM.getPermittedAccessibilityServices

Bug: 128599660
Change-Id: I8be915bd6a4ff99884d23005a4c6f0100806dbe8
Merged-In: I8ee3f876fcaffa63636645f0f59709cd147254ef
(cherry picked from commit 4fd13eef)
parent a08b5b61
......@@ -7145,6 +7145,7 @@ public class DevicePolicyManagerService extends IDevicePolicyManager.Stub {
if (!mHasFeature) {
return null;
synchronized (this) {
List<String> result = null;
// If we have multiple profiles we return the intersection of the
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