Commit 293dde19 authored by Wang Han's avatar Wang Han Committed by Michael W

PackageManager: Avoid another NPE when dereferencing mPlatfromPackage

Change-Id: Idd989acb181b06f9c828fd740a9a20bfe6881bba
parent 5464c812
......@@ -13493,8 +13493,8 @@ public class PackageManagerService extends IPackageManager.Stub
boolean allowed = (compareSignatures(
bp.packageSetting.signatures.mSignatures, pkg.mSignatures)
== PackageManager.SIGNATURE_MATCH)
|| (compareSignatures(mPlatformPackage.mSignatures, pkg.mSignatures)
== PackageManager.SIGNATURE_MATCH)
|| (mPlatformPackage != null && compareSignatures(mPlatformPackage.mSignatures,
pkg.mSignatures) == PackageManager.SIGNATURE_MATCH)
|| (compareSignatures(mVendorPlatformSignatures, pkg.mSignatures)
== PackageManager.SIGNATURE_MATCH);
if (!allowed && privilegedPermission) {
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