Commit 1a161653 authored by Jeff Sharkey's avatar Jeff Sharkey Committed by android-build-team Robot

DO NOT MERGE. Execute "strict" queries with extra parentheses.

SQLiteQueryBuilder has a setStrict() mode which can be used to
detect SQL attacks from untrusted sources, which it does by running
each query twice: once with an extra set of parentheses, and if that
succeeds, it runs the original query verbatim.

This sadly doesn't catch inputs of the type "1=1) OR (1=1", which
creates valid statements for both tests above, but the final executed
query ends up leaking data due to SQLite operator precedence.

Instead, we need to continue compiling both variants, but we need
to execute the query with the additional parentheses to ensure
data won't be leaked.

Test: atest cts/tests/tests/database/src/android/database/sqlite/cts/
Bug: 111085900
Change-Id: I6e8746fa48f9de13adae37d2990de11c9c585381
Merged-In: I6e8746fa48f9de13adae37d2990de11c9c585381
(cherry picked from commit 5a55a72f)
parent ab8e82d8
......@@ -376,6 +376,11 @@ public class SQLiteQueryBuilder
return null;
final String sql;
final String unwrappedSql = buildQuery(
projectionIn, selection, groupBy, having,
sortOrder, limit);
if (mStrict && selection != null && selection.length() > 0) {
// Validate the user-supplied selection to detect syntactic anomalies
// in the selection string that could indicate a SQL injection attempt.
......@@ -384,15 +389,23 @@ public class SQLiteQueryBuilder
// originally specified. An attacker cannot create an expression that
// would escape the SQL expression while maintaining balanced parentheses
// in both the wrapped and original forms.
String sqlForValidation = buildQuery(projectionIn, "(" + selection + ")", groupBy,
// NOTE: The ordering of the below operations is important; we must
// execute the wrapped query to ensure the untrusted clause has been
// fully isolated.
// Validate the unwrapped query
db.validateSql(unwrappedSql, cancellationSignal); // will throw if query is invalid
// Execute wrapped query for extra protection
final String wrappedSql = buildQuery(projectionIn, "(" + selection + ")", groupBy,
having, sortOrder, limit);
db.validateSql(sqlForValidation, cancellationSignal); // will throw if query is invalid
sql = wrappedSql;
} else {
// Execute unwrapped query
sql = unwrappedSql;
String sql = buildQuery(
projectionIn, selection, groupBy, having,
sortOrder, limit);
if (Log.isLoggable(TAG, Log.DEBUG)) {
Log.d(TAG, "Performing query: " + sql);
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