Commit 136692bd authored by Jeff Sharkey's avatar Jeff Sharkey Committed by android-build-team Robot

DO NOT MERGE. Extend SQLiteQueryBuilder for update and delete.

Developers often accept selection clauses from untrusted code, and
SQLiteQueryBuilder already supports a "strict" mode to help catch
SQL injection attacks.  This change extends the builder to support
update() and delete() calls, so that we can help secure those
selection clauses too.

Bug: 111085900
Test: atest packages/providers/DownloadProvider/tests/
Test: atest cts/tests/app/src/android/app/cts/
Test: atest cts/tests/tests/database/src/android/database/sqlite/cts/
Change-Id: Ib4fc8400f184755ee7e971ab5f2095186341730c
Merged-In: Ib4fc8400f184755ee7e971ab5f2095186341730c
(cherry picked from commit 09d49531)
parent 1a161653
......@@ -1732,7 +1732,8 @@ public final class SQLiteDatabase extends SQLiteClosable {
executeSql(sql, bindArgs);
private int executeSql(String sql, Object[] bindArgs) throws SQLException {
/** {@hide} */
public int executeSql(String sql, Object[] bindArgs) throws SQLException {
try {
if (DatabaseUtils.getSqlStatementType(sql) == DatabaseUtils.STATEMENT_ATTACH) {
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