Commit 0cc68dbf authored by Sanket Padawe's avatar Sanket Padawe

If Vodafone Italy sim is in Spain consider it as roaming on Spain nw.

+ When Vodafone Italy sim (mccmnc = 22210) is roaming in Spain on any
  network, consider it to be roaming.

Bug: 29493858
Change-Id: I7ab1576012ab72a96e366c0ff1bcdf894a9e64de
parent d4f39096
...@@ -28,29 +28,4 @@ ...@@ -28,29 +28,4 @@
<string-array translatable="false" name="config_tether_apndata"> <string-array translatable="false" name="config_tether_apndata">
<item>Tethering Internet,,,,,,,,,,222,10,,DUN</item> <item>Tethering Internet,,,,,,,,,,222,10,,DUN</item>
</string-array> </string-array>
<string-array translatable="false" name="config_operatorConsideredNonRoaming">
</resources> </resources>
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