Commit 06640fea authored by Dianne Hackborn's avatar Dianne Hackborn

Finish issue #37815224: DeviceManagementService is incorrectly...

...starting services from jobs

Remove dmagent from whitelist.

Test: manual

Change-Id: Id13b95b9ca4f8fa890f4e20cf133a6f4bc0e3cc5
parent fb194bb8
......@@ -181,9 +181,6 @@
<allow-in-power-save package="" />
<allow-in-power-save package="" />
<!-- STOPSHIP(b/36856786): Revert this once it is fixed properly -->
<allow-in-power-save package="" />
<!-- These are the packages that are white-listed to be able to run as system user -->
<system-user-whitelisted-app package="" />
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