Commit 00167206 authored by Hendrik Hagendorn's avatar Hendrik Hagendorn Committed by Luca Stefani

Tuner: Move clock seconds option to status bar settings

Change-Id: I532c179f06b934009d48433e50b69660247ee295
parent b9652dfd
......@@ -69,6 +69,9 @@
<!-- Screen pinning dialog description (for devices without navbar) -->
<string name="screen_pinning_description_no_navbar">This keeps it in view until you unpin. Touch &amp; hold Back to unpin.</string>
<!-- Name of the clock status bar icon -->
<string name="status_bar_clock">Clock</string>
<!-- Text to use when the number in a notification info is too large
(greater than status_bar_notification_info_maxnum, defined in
values/config.xml) and must be truncated.
......@@ -89,9 +89,8 @@
<!-- secure -->
android:entries="@array/clock_options" />
android:title="@string/status_bar_clock" />
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