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Add Cronet to About screen

parent 3075bf1a
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ public class AboutFragment extends AbstractAboutFragment {
libraries.add(new AbstractAboutFragment.Library("de.hdodenhof.circleimageview", "CircleImageView", "Apache License 2.0, Henning Dodenhof"));
libraries.add(new AbstractAboutFragment.Library("su.litvak.chromecast.api.v2", "ChromeCast Java API v2", "Apache License 2.0, Vitaly Litvak"));
libraries.add(new AbstractAboutFragment.Library("org.conscrypt", "Conscrypt", "Apache License 2.0, The Android Open Source Project"));
libraries.add(new AbstractAboutFragment.Library("", "Cronet", "BSD-style License, The Chromium Authors"));
libraries.add(new AbstractAboutFragment.Library("org.microg.safeparcel", "SafeParcel", "Apache License 2.0, microG Team"));
libraries.add(new AbstractAboutFragment.Library("org.slf4j", "SLF4J", "MIT License,"));
libraries.add(new AbstractAboutFragment.Library("org.microg.nlp.service", "UnifiedNlp", "Apache License 2.0, microG Team"));
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