Adam Tauber (15):

  • 44f4a9d4 [enh] add ability to send engine data to subsequent requests
  • f97b4ff7 [fix] update youtube_noapi paging
  • 4c631ac6 [fix] remove debug code
  • fd737dc9 [fix] remove debug code
  • 5f450fda [enh] add year filter to duckduckgo
  • 88657fe9 [fix] update google play apps xpath
  • 50ba2b9e [fix] update google play movies xpath
  • 45f0e1a8 [fix] update geektimes.ru url - it redirects to habr.com
  • 6255b33c [fix] rewrite hoogle to use html/xpath instead of json
  • 0ba71c36 [fix] make ina engine compatible with the new response json
  • 06b754ad [mod] increase lobste.rs engine timeout to avoid timeouts most of the time
  • 28286cf3 [fix] update seznam engine to be compatible with the new website
  • 15f2385a [enh] update translations from transifex
  • defcaec5 [doc] add new contributors to the authors file
  • ae122ea9 [enh] release v1.0.0

Alex Balgavy (2):

  • 6b59800d Fix security vulnerabilities in suggested nginx configuration
  • 8736f5bd Use $host in nginx morty.conf template

Alexandre Flament (95):

  • 9bc1856e [mod] themes: remove legacy, courgette and pix-art themes
  • 3b87efb3 [mod] move seax/search.py to searx/search/init.py
  • c0cc01e9 [mod] searx.search: search_multiple_requests is a method of Search class
  • 7ec8bc3e [mod] split searx.search into different processors
  • 02fc4147 [mod] dictzone, translated, currency_convert: use engine_type online_curency and online_dictionnary
  • 5c6a5407 [fix] fix of PR #2225
  • 14c7cc0e [mod] Makefile: make CONTACT_URL optional
  • 995ba2f4 [mod] searx.search.SearchQuery: remove categories parameter
  • eda8934f [mod] searx.search.EngineRef: remove from_bang parameter
  • f4983e74 [mod] remove emojis from source code
  • 6402fb0b [enh] CI: use actions/cache@v2 for Python dependencies
  • eb33ae68 [fix] Python 3.9: use html.unescape instead of HTMLParser.unescape
  • 3f8ebf70 [fix] pylint: use "raise ... from ..."
  • db5b0604 [fix] update buildenv
  • eb1b5289 [mod] documentation: change the jinja context doesn't depend on searx.webapp
  • 568b9465 [mod] check secret_key when searx.webapp is imported
  • 54e69d03 [upd] update dependencies
  • d5882147 [fix] utils/build_env.py: make sure to always use searx/settings.yml
  • 424e6abc [mod] settings.yml: move brand settings to a dedicated section
  • f5c3cb7a [mod] drop Python 3.5 support
  • d54034a5 [mod] add Python 3.9 support
  • 8989bc76 [mod] remove pyopenssl dependency
  • 8cbc9f2d [enh] add checker
  • 16a889dd [enh] checker: add rosebud test
  • ca0889d4 [enh] checker: wikidata & ddd: add specific tests
  • 6e2872f4 [enh] add searx.shared
  • 3a9f5135 [enh] checker: background check
  • 45bfab77 |mod] checker: improve searx-checker command line
  • f3e1bd30 [mod] checker: minor adjustements on the default tests
  • 87bafbc3 [mod] checker: add status and timestamp to the result
  • a0c8b413 [mod] searx.shared: minor tweaks
  • 7f0c5085 [fix] checker: fix typo unknown instead of unknow
  • 912c7e97 [fix] checker: don't run the checker when uwsgi is not properly configured
  • 38090daa [fix] github actions: use ubuntu-20.04 instead of ubuntu-latest
  • 5a511f0d [fix] CI: fix docker push
  • a4dcfa02 [enh] engines: add about variable
  • ca76f311 [fix] error_recorder: record code and lineno about the engine
  • d473407e [fix] checker: fix engine statistics
  • 67a1aab0 [fix] /stats/checker : remove the timestamp field when the checker is disabled
  • aa887eb3 [mod] checker : replace pycld3 by langdetect
  • 3b7b852a [fix] checker: minor fix about language detection
  • 73c86f9b [mod] checker: disable by default
  • 8c46b767 [fix] google_news: avoid one HTTP redirect except for the English results
  • 3330cf4a [enh] every monday, call utils/fetch_*.py scripts and create a PR automatically
  • 6047087a [mod] utils/fetch_languages.py: write files at the right location
  • d70c5a62 [mod] more robust make pyenv / make pyenvinstall
  • ca93a018 [mod] dynamically set language_support variable
  • 90b9d0d6 [mod] CI: minor changes
  • 966a7a1f [fix] fix github action data-update.yml
  • 5e055b06 [fix) fix apk_mirror engine
  • aedf03c0 Fix: activate raise_for_error by default
  • 9211cdfe [upd] remove google_play_music engine
  • 74d56f6c [mod] poolrequests: for one (user request, engine) always use the same HTTPAdapter
  • d2dac113 [mod] duckduckgo engine: better support of the language preference
  • ff84a1af [mod] json_engine: add content_html_to_text and title_html_to_text
  • 7d6e69e2 [upd] wikipedia engine: return an empty result on query with illegal characters
  • 35dd0694 [fix] fix seznam engine
  • 5d9db6c2 [remove] yandex engine
  • c22d4c76 [fix] duckduckgo engine: "!ddg !g" do not redirect to google
  • f59acf41 data-update.yml: run on Friday
  • 50bde93d data-update.yml: run on searx org
  • aef11616 data-update.yml: run on Friday, 16:05 UTC
  • 3ee24b68 Create dependabot.yml
  • fd1b8f66 Update dependabot.yml
  • 640d6ce7 Update dependabot.yml
  • 93d1da49 [mod] update wikidata_units.json and fetch_wikidata_units.py
  • 46ca32c3 [mod] update currencies.json and fetch_currencies.py
  • 7c1847d5 [mod] add utils/fetch_external_bangs.py
  • 728e0967 data-update.yml: on PR per file
  • 4fa1290c [fix] answers: don't crash when the query is an empty string
  • 63f17d2e [enh] autocomplete refactoring, autocomplete on external bangs
  • b8cd3264 Add searx_extra package
  • b97273df Update data-update.yml
  • 917dff3a Update data-update.yml
  • d9a35fc2 Fix data-update.yml
  • 245f8626 Fix data-update.yml, run once a month
  • 10ecc303 Fix integration.yml
  • 99e0651c [mod] by default allow only HTTPS, not HTTP
  • 2f3d5ec2 [mod] oscar: upgrade npm dependencies
  • bdb41bea [mod] theme: remove require-2.1.15.min.js
  • 12689102 [mod] oscar: remove unused images
  • eda3b513 [mod] oscar: remove polyfills for Internet Explorer
  • c7133efb [mod] oscar: move compiled files to the src directory
  • 44407353 [mod] oscar: get leaflet and jquery from NPM
  • 86912e22 [mod] oscar: get bootstrap and typeahead from NPM
  • cb04d428 [mod] oscar: update README.rst
  • 32cd0d31 [mod] upgrade pygments
  • 6553c790 [mod] replace /translations.js by embedded JSON
  • 2b0dd96b [mod] oscar: remove space
  • 38c210d7 [mod] soundcloud: faster initialization
  • 6bd01bf8 [mod] oscar: fix the sourcemap URL in *.min.css
  • d6480016 [mod] preferences: a tooltip is shown when the mouse is over the engine names
  • fcfcf662 [fix] wikipedia: remove HTML from the title
  • 0b45afd4 [fix] checker: various bug fixes
  • ae0b621e [mod] Dockerfile: remove protobuff dependency

Archie (1):

BBaoVanC (1):

  • 19fce744 Add link to contact instance maintainer to footer of each page (#2391)

Daniel Hones (1):

  • 138f3247 Updated webutils.highlight_content to ignore double-quotes when highlighting query parts

Emilien Devos (2):

  • 3fc9a737 add notice for the issue templates
  • 4b37e10d fix yggtorrent url + add it back

GazoilKerozen (1):

Hermógenes Oliveira (1):

  • 514faa91 [feat] recoll: paged json support

James Higginbotham (1):

  • ce6eb81a Update settings.yml to enable HTTP for yacy

Marc Abonce Seguin (7):

  • 571ce9ff fix empty colon in query from selecting Chinese
  • 635c6516 hide links panel in mobile screens
  • c937a9e8 [fix] get correct locale with country from browser
  • 64e81794 add support for Chinese variants in Wikipedia
  • 9b6ffed0 fix fetch_languages for bing
  • d6681fd3 remove articles number from engines_languages.json
  • f4a0a4d7 fix HTTP error in onion engines

Markus Heiser (60):

  • 9db7d635 [themes] add hyperlink to searx instances list in error message
  • c89df673 [fix] determine path to makefile.lxc in a LXC
  • 1a4524e0 [mod] remove obsolete virtualenv command
  • be08e5bf [fix] yum installation of 'Development Tools'
  • 4de276e3 [upd] make SEARX_DEBUG=1 useragents.update
  • 0fc3759d [fix] use SEARX_SETTINGS_TEMPLATE from .config environment
  • 5fc9273e [mod] utils/searx.sh install: create branch if not already exists
  • af49bd2b [fix] makefile.python: remove duplicate pyenv-(un)install targets
  • aace8376 [fix] makefile.sphinx: additions to commit c2a6f145
  • 3beede7a [doc] describe 'make books/{name}.html' and 'books/{name}.pdf'
  • d85012b4 [perf] virtualenv: install boilerplate only once
  • 809bf854 [perf] pyenvinstall: reinstall only when requirements are change
  • 6316a8d4 [fix] message to install different python versions from apt PPA
  • bc7bd1d8 [fix] utils/lib.sh: various typos in messages and comments
  • d175a0fb [mod] LXC_ENV_FOLDER moved from ./lxc to ./lxc-env
  • b6dcf908 Revert "[fix] sphinx 3.1 CSS issues"
  • af584f2c [perf] pylint: Use multiple processes to speed up Pylint.
  • c7d92d64 [fix] remove Ubuntu 19.10 from the LXC suite (EOL)
  • 89e6ba5a [mod] add Ubuntu 20.10 image to the LXC suite
  • b0bb0a3a [fix] Library Genesis links shifted by 1 #1998
  • dc544498 [mod] add target upload-pypi-test https://test.pypi.org/
  • b5ce8dfe [fix] requirements-dev.txt use linuxdoc==20210110 from pypi
  • 94851790 [mod] move brand options from Makefile to settings.yml
  • 9e53470b [mod] get rid of searx/brand.py
  • d0338cb5 [fix] add missing brand.CONTACT_URL to /config API endpoint
  • 4853a298 [mod] improve settings documentation
  • a31cb686 [fix] utils/build_env.py: make sure to always use searx/settings.yml
  • 9c581466 [fix] do not colorize output on dumb terminals
  • c4a98862 [fix] setup.py requires pyyaml installed
  • a8544798 [fix] remove Fabric file
  • baec54c4 [fix] revise of the google-news engine
  • 5f92dfcd [fix] google-news: query uses locale without country tag
  • ea5c992d [fix] lxc.sh - SC2034: ubu2010_boilerplate appears unused.
  • 89b3050b [fix] revise of the google-Video engine
  • 8cdad5d8 [fix] google-videos: parse values for 'length' & 'author'
  • ff6804e5 [data] make engines.languages
  • 923b4900 [mod] add Makfile targets for search.checker.<engine_name>
  • a69a8a3e [doc] improve admin-docs about result proxy (morty) configuration
  • b1fefec4 [fix] normalize the language & region aspects of all google engines
  • e4362873 [mod] checker: add some additional tests
  • 7f505bdc [fix] google: avoid unnecessary SearxEngineXPathException errors
  • 40d2a116 [fix] Makefile target gh-pages & flatten history of branch gh.pages
  • 38b39ef0 [fix] re-add 'pip-exe' target - partial revert 9b48ae47
  • 8c45f114 [hardening] github workflows - corrupted cache
  • 89554e42 [fix] make books/user.pdf
  • 41c03cf0 [drop] metager - xpath engine won't work anymore
  • bc1be3f0 [enh] add engine MediathekViewWeb (API)
  • 3bae3594 [py2to3] use unittest from py3, remove unittest2 from py2
  • d48e2e7b [enh] google scholar - python implementation of the engine
  • daa4b676 [mod] Drop Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) support
  • 237b1cfd [fix] support git versions <v2.22
  • 2e589881 [fix] utils/serax.sh create_pyenv() - drop duplicate 'pip install .'
  • c355bc34 [fix] add package 'which' to CentOS-7 boilerplate
  • 0305775e [mod] LXC switch to Fedora 33 / Fedora 31 reached its EOL
  • 48451831 [mod] don't dump traceback of SearxEngineResponseException on init
  • d2faea42 [fix] rewrite Yahoo-News engine
  • c0d31835 [fix] make targets engines.languages and useragents.update
  • 96422e5c [fix] APKMirror engine - update xpath selectors and fix img_src
  • 3703ebb2 [drop] Acgsou engine - www.acgsou.com no longer exists
  • 6e1f1085 [fix] remove unused import from yahoo-news engine

Michael Ilsaas (1):

Nicolas Gelot (3):

  • 42359148 Fix pagination links
  • 4c9aaad6 Update pylint skipped rules
  • 65f7430f Update eelo theme with js change from searx 1.0.0

Noémi Ványi (7):

Rolf (1):

  • 80025c32 Windows does not support SIGUSR1, so don't use it unconditionally.

Thorben Günther (1):

Tobi823 (1):

  • 16a0a015 Document workaround for using 2 languages simultaneously #1508

dalf (8):

  • d2778b5e Update searx.data - currencies
  • 4c8ae5b7 Update searx.data - firefox_version
  • 7b9005df Update searx.data - wikidata_units
  • 893b6e49 Update searx.data - ahmia_blacklist
  • 28574735 Update searx.data - update_ahmia_blacklist.py
  • d9dc3376 Update searx.data - update_languages.py
  • 2f8a7084 Update searx.data - update_wikidata_units.py
  • 1e8b8469 Update searx.data - update_currencies.py

datagram1 (1):

  • 1d0a32a2 Added rumble.com video search engine. TODO video embedding.

dependabot[bot] (12):

  • b843dcc4 Bump nose2[coverage_plugin] from 0.9.2 to 0.10.0
  • acfe2c0d Bump jinja2 from 2.11.2 to 2.11.3
  • 567a28be Bump pylint from 2.6.0 to 2.6.2
  • 5d8e77bf Bump pyyaml from 5.3.1 to 5.4.1
  • 731206d0 Bump sphinx-tabs from 1.3.0 to 2.0.1
  • 048be86a Bump sphinx from 3.4.1 to 3.5.1
  • b54dd66e Bump pylint from 2.6.2 to 2.7.2
  • 31c50325 Bump sphinx-tabs from 2.0.1 to 2.1.0
  • 863546c1 Bump sphinx from 3.5.1 to 3.5.2
  • 232cf69b Bump twine from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1
  • 4e6ca87e Bump lxml from 4.6.2 to 4.6.3
  • 52a81ebc Bump linuxdoc from 20210110 to 20210324

lucky13820 (1):

  • fea8958e Fix the StartPage result title is showing the url

mrwormo (3):

  • 2dff3887 [fix] Invidious engine by enabling requests by randomly picking amongst working instances
  • c4c1636b Add Creative Commons search engine
  • 051da883 Add Library of Congress engine

Émilien Devos (1):

  • fc6cfc3b Remove voat due to its shutdown