Adam Tauber (9):

  • b51d4ec0 [fix] add aria labels to result links - #350
  • c7b75fc8 [fix] rewrite overflow:none as none is an invalid property - $350
  • 3227695b [fix] indicate visually active tab programmatically on the page Preferences - #350
  • 52eba0c7 [fix] pep8
  • e693bcca [mod] drop py2 support
  • b7d2597f [enh] update translations
  • 83479b8c [enh] add @piplongrun @jjasonkal @KazamaSion @resynth1943 @ahangarha @gordon-quad @999eagle to authors
  • 8199ab50 [enh] release v0.17.0
  • 9c2679c3 [mod] remove py2 from travis tests

Gordon Quad (1):

  • 385e9b5c add correction support for duckduckgo

Lukas van den Berk (1):

  • 4829a76a Created new plugin type custom_results. Added new plugin bang_redirect (#2027)

Markus Heiser (17):

  • e7788980 [fix] about page- 'How to set as the default search engine?'
  • 250e05e8 [README] update and polish up a little by using badges
  • f8b16a66 [README] searx, world's first gluten free search engine ;)
  • 4954e56b [fix] Makefile: node.env is a prerequisite of lessc and grunt
  • ad208378 [fix] oscar theme, remove inline style attributes (CSP compliants)
  • c9f9e7da [build] rebuild of the oscar theme, build from ad208378
  • de179ecc [fix] remove debug print from commit e5305f88
  • 15103825 utils/fetch_languages.py: print more meaningfull messages
  • 57c7b90e [fix] gigablast does no longer support supported_languages_url
  • a18760b3 [fix] revise of the gigablast engine (WIP)
  • d44b4eda [fix] gigablaste engine: switch from pep8 to pylint test
  • ee5d2b31 [fix] gigablast requires a random extra parameter
  • 18805ee3 [fix] markup of auto generated installation instruction (uWSGI part)
  • 9c71f620 [add blog post] Developing in Linux containers [202006]
  • 5293e580 [fix] yahoo engine - changed content_xpath
  • 410c2f90 [fix] revise google engine
  • 16f8ec89 [fix] revise google images engine

Noémi Ványi (3):

  • 02c67105 Make Oscar theme scalable
  • 2addee38 Use gender neutral pronouns
  • 223114c5 [fix] refine contrast ratios of texts and borders - #350

Sophie Tauchert (1):

  • 71db7b12 Fix YaCy text results returned as images