Adam Tauber (4):

  • 8e3bd3fc [mod] add py2 deprecation warning to webapp
  • b6a2aff9 [enh] update translations
  • 89662cd3 [enh] update AUTHORS.rst with new contributors
  • 6060ab85 [enh] version v0.16.0

Dalf (1):

  • 0e7b6c9a [mod] infinite scroll: XHR requests are sent with the header "Accept: text/html".

Nicolas Gelot (4):

  • 49892d47 Update rate limit policy to whitelist stats.searx.xyz
  • d2a26bf9 Disable deviantart to avoid empty image
  • c7083bb3 Update number of service in README
  • 1963cb0f Expose proxy settings as env. variables