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### How can I delete my /e/ account
* Send in an email to <> from the /e/ID you want to delete
* This is to confirm the ID is yours
* Mention the detail that you want to delete the ID in the email
* Once we receive the email, we will delete the ID from our servers.
> We are working on making this process better and user-driven
* Log in to your [ecloud account]( using the ID you want to delete
* Take a backup of your data and emails (if required) before proceeding
* Click on your profile image
* This will open up a menu
* Click on Settings
* This will display the Setting options as shown in the screenshot below
* Click on 'Delete Account'
* This will open up a screen with the text "Check this to confirm the deletion request"
* Select the check box
* Click 'Delete my Account' button
* The operation could take up to a minute. Please wait
> This action will remove your /e/ ID and ecloud account , data stored on the ecloud if any and all emails.
* You will be logged out of [](
* The /e/ account deletion is complete
> In case of any issues please send in the details to <>
### Some more tips on your /e/ account
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