A Generic Guide on porting eOS

A Generic Guide on porting /e/ OS. This guide will have instructions which will allow users to port devices to /e/OS. The wiki will allow user to update the documentation .

A Generic Guide on Porting /e/OS

The purpose of this guide is to help users with basic ROM building skills to port /e/OS

This guide will be made available to users who are knowledgable about the subject and can contribute in modifying and improving the content.

The instructions in this guide would work the same way for building ROM's with most android smartphone source code.

Please note as the text in this guide will be reviewed by multiple users, there is a chance that your edits may or may not be accepted. Accept the changes in good faith and settle for a consensus view.

Keep the language simple and 'non technical' as far as possible. The idea is to make this guide helpful for any user who wants to learn more about ROM porting.

While making edits try to avoid personal comments or adding personal view points. The narration has to be relevant to the topic.

To make edits you would need a /e/ gitlab ID . Send us a request on support@e.email

To go through the topics covered in this guide please select the links given on the right side.

For your convenience the topics have been numbered.

It is not required that you read them in the order specified.

Feel free to jump to the section you feel is relevant to you level of comfort on the topic of ROM Building.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions at support@e.email

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