Commit 409f74b2 authored by rahulsnair's avatar rahulsnair Committed by Zhao Wei Liew

add string for fp reader as home

Change-Id: I6d92065f482ce28705834ec36631b299a1666780
parent 0d24687b
......@@ -136,4 +136,9 @@
<!-- Help texts -->
<string name="doze_settings_help_title">Help</string>
<string name="doze_settings_help_text">These features use sensor events to launch a doze notification pulse. The chosen sensor is only enabled when the device receives a notification, this helps to reduce battery usage. There is also an option to enable the chosen sensor as soon as the screen turns off, this will cause higher battery usage.</string>
<!-- Fingerprint -->
<string name="fingerprint_title">Fingerprint</string>
<string name="fingerprint_as_home_title">Fingerprint as home</string>
<string name="fingerprint_as_home_summary">Use the fingerprint sensor as a home button</string>
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