Commit 26ebcd30 authored by Gabriele M's avatar Gabriele M

Add strings for hand wave gesture extra option

Some implementations of the hand wave gesture can limit the
detection to the cases in which the device is sitting on a
flat surface facing up.

Change-Id: I0017756f4ab5277a6195ba74af1d9051ce30edb3
parent a765ae0e
......@@ -78,6 +78,8 @@
<!-- Hand wave gesture -->
<string name="hand_wave_gesture_title">Hand wave</string>
<string name="hand_wave_gesture_summary">Pulse notifications on hand wave</string>
<string name="hand_wave_gesture_flat_title">Detect orientation</string>
<string name="hand_wave_gesture_flat_summary">Pulse only if the phone is lying face up on a flat surface</string>
<!-- Pick-up gesture -->
<string name="pick_up_gesture_title">Pick-up</string>
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