Commit ecc50c77 authored by Bruno Martins's avatar Bruno Martins Committed by Adrian DC

Add strings for devices' custom gesture handlers

 * Also align with the related strings from CMParts

Change-Id: I12fbb2af7dfa1312a1c6c5777d04afb3ccabac66
parent 9620e096
......@@ -31,9 +31,12 @@
<!-- Touchscreen gesture haptic feedback -->
<string name="touchscreen_gesture_extras">Extras</string>
<string name="touchscreen_gesture_haptic_feedback">Haptic feedback</string>
<string name="touchscreen_gesture_haptic_feedback_summary">Vibrate when a gesture got detected</string>
<string name="touchscreen_gesture_haptic_feedback_summary">Vibrate when a touchscreen gesture is detected</string>
<!-- Touchscreen gestures -->
<string name="touchscreen_gesture_settings_title">Touchscreen gestures</string>
<string name="touchscreen_gesture_settings_summary">Perform various touchscreen gestures for quick actions</string>
<string name="gesture_display_title">Screen off gestures</string>
<string name="touchscreen_c_gesture_title">Camera</string>
<string name="touchscreen_c_gesture_summary">Draw a \"C\" to activate camera</string>
......@@ -57,6 +60,11 @@
• Swipe left for previous track\n
• Swipe right for next track</string>
<string name="touchscreen_swipe_up_title">Swipe up</string>
<string name="touchscreen_swipe_right_title">Swipe right</string>
<string name="touchscreen_swipe_down_title">Swipe down</string>
<string name="touchscreen_swipe_left_title">Swipe left</string>
<!-- User-aware display -->
<string name="user_aware_display_title">User-aware display</string>
<string name="user_aware_display_summary">Keep the screen on while a user is in front of the display</string>
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