Commit a765ae0e authored by Bruno Martins's avatar Bruno Martins

Add strings for fingerprint pocketmode

Change-Id: Ifb1c740f75a17d3994074c428ca12fc67c6a85cc
parent d653283b
......@@ -149,4 +149,6 @@
<string name="fingerprint_as_home_summary">Use the fingerprint sensor as a home button</string>
<string name="fingerprint_wakeup_title">Fingerprint wake-up</string>
<string name="fingerprint_wakeup_summary">Allow the fingerprint sensor to wake the device while the screen is off</string>
<string name="fingerprint_pocketmode_title">Prevent accidental wake-up</string>
<string name="fingerprint_pocketmode_summary">Check the proximity sensor prior to wake-ups triggered by the fingerprint sensor</string>
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