Commit 382fbefc authored by Adrian DC's avatar Adrian DC

devicesettings: Add High touch sensitivity strings

Change-Id: Ia0988677ea43aa588aa00f8acfa2d900a1acb849
parent ecc50c77
......@@ -163,4 +163,8 @@
<string name="fingerprint_pocketmode_summary">Check the proximity sensor prior to wake-ups triggered by the fingerprint sensor</string>
<string name="fingerprint_sleep_title">Fingerprint sleep</string>
<string name="fingerprint_sleep_summary">Press the fingerprint sensor to turn off the screen</string>
<!-- High touch sensitivity -->
<string name="high_touch_sensitivity_title">High touch sensitivity</string>
<string name="high_touch_sensitivity_summary">Increase touchscreen sensitivity so it can be used while wearing gloves</string>
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