Unverified Commit ccceef46 authored by stenkinevgeniy's avatar stenkinevgeniy Committed by Stricted

Audio: HAL should handle other streams (when call active)

Change-Id: I70fbd41ac386d7ea9a7fa0abb540151727461ac1
parent 36f96cd9
......@@ -2268,11 +2268,6 @@ static int out_open_pcm_devices(struct stream_out *out)
pcm_device_id = pcm_device_deep_buffer.id;
if (out->dev->voice.in_call) {
ALOGV("%s: in_call, not opening PCMs", __func__);
return ret;
ALOGV("%s: Opening PCM device card_id(%d) device_id(%d)",
__func__, pcm_device_card, pcm_device_id);
......@@ -3076,12 +3071,6 @@ static int out_get_presentation_position(const struct audio_stream_out *stream,
ret = out_get_presentation_offload_position(out, frames, timestamp);
} else {
if (out->dev->voice.in_call) {
ALOGVV("%s: in_call, do not handle PCMs", __func__);
ret = 0;
goto done;
/* FIXME: which device to read from? */
if (!list_empty(&out->pcm_dev_list)) {
struct pcm_device *pcm_device;
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