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    zero: Squashed Update For O · c2bd4d55
    Usaamah Patel authored
    Changes Made:
    - General Update to N blobs, see cm-14.1 branch.
    - Replace OSS RIL blobs with stock, OSS does not work.
    - Remove prebuilt libcamera_metadata.so
    - Add Stock Bluetooth HAL.
    - Use old protobuf for libsec-ril.so
    - Remove prebuilt RIL libraries.
    - Remove prebuilt Vulkan libraries.
    - Remove symlink for vulkan.exynos5.so
    - Remove libvulkan.so copy commands.
    - De-commonize RIL Blobs
    - Remove invalid copy commands for DS blobs for the W8 Model.
    - Patch de-commonized libsec-ril's to use 7.0 libprotobuf-cpp.
    - Add prebuilt/patched sdcard-binary.
    - Add prebuilt/patched libsensor.so
    Thanks to @Lukas0610
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarUsaamah Patel <ussyp2015@gmail.com>
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