Commit 210a67b1 authored by HaoZeke's avatar HaoZeke Committed by Ole Birketvedt
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suzuran: Fix fingerprint dimensions

Change-Id: I7d1cbcd4625b256aa89ddf7e425050738bdfa938
parent d86648ac
......@@ -16,6 +16,6 @@
<item name="fingerprint_sensor_location_fraction_x" type="fraction">50.00%</item>
<item name="fingerprint_sensor_location_fraction_y" type="fraction">29.999996%</item>
<item name="fingerprint_sensor_location_fraction_x" type="fraction">51.00%</item>
<item name="fingerprint_sensor_location_fraction_y" type="fraction">51.00%</item>
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