Commit b4226b27 authored by Subbaraman Narayanamurthy's avatar Subbaraman Narayanamurthy Committed by Bernhard Thoben
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kitakami-common: Update charger service path and label

charger binary is moved to /system/bin. Also the label got changed
to charger. Update it accordingly.

Change-Id: I78574238f9fc5ec028d10ab866676bfc0cd36370
parent 4c46ed79
...@@ -636,10 +636,10 @@ service updatemiscta /system/bin/updatemiscta ...@@ -636,10 +636,10 @@ service updatemiscta /system/bin/updatemiscta
group oem_2993 group oem_2993
oneshot oneshot
service charger /charger service charger /system/bin/charger
class charger class charger
group log group log system graphics
seclabel u:r:healthd:s0 seclabel u:r:charger:s0
service per_mgr /system/bin/pm-service service per_mgr /system/bin/pm-service
class core class core
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