Commit 79a9f377 authored by Bernhard Thoben's avatar Bernhard Thoben
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kitakami-common: sepolicy: Correcting labeling of the dumpstate HAL.

This fixes error messages like this: "E init    : Control message: Could not ctl.interface_start for 'android.hardware.dumpstate@1.1::IDumpstateDevice/default' from pid: 388 (/system/bin/hwservicemanager): File /vendor/bin/hw/android.hardware.dumpstate@1.1-service-kitakami (labeled "u:object_r:vendor_file:s0") has incorrect label or no domain transition from u:r:init:s0 to another SELinux domain defined. Have you configured your service correctly?"

Change-Id: I4af872983027bb8b1f1a6967e9157a67062c5559
parent c768f04e
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
/sys/devices(/soc\.0)?/pmi8994-flash-27(/.*)? u:object_r:sysfs_camera_torch:s0
# Dumpstate HAL
/vendor/bin/hw/android\.hardware\.dumpstate@1\.1-service\.kitakami u:object_r:hal_dumpstate_impl_exec:s0
/(vendor|system/vendor)/bin/hw/android\.hardware\.dumpstate@1\.1-service-kitakami u:object_r:hal_dumpstate_impl_exec:s0
/dev/ttyHS0 u:object_r:hci_attach_dev:s0
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