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  • v0.17.0+20200710 protected   v0.17.0+20200710

    Adam Tauber (9):

    • b51d4ec0 [fix] add aria labels to result links - #350
    • c7b75fc8 [fix] rewrite overflow:none as none is an invalid property - $350
    • 3227695b [fix] indicate visually active tab programmatically on the page Preferences - #350
    • 52eba0c7 [fix] pep8
    • e693bcca [mod] drop py2 support
    • b7d2597f [enh] update translations
    • 83479b8c [enh] add @piplongrun @jjasonkal @KazamaSion @resynth1943 @ahangarha @gordon-quad @999eagle to authors
    • 8199ab50 [enh] release v0.17.0
    • 9c2679c3 [mod] remove py2 from travis tests

    Gordon Quad (1):

    • 385e9b5c add correction support for duckduckgo

    Lukas van den Berk (1):

    • 4829a76a Created new plugin type custom_results. Added new plugin bang_redirect (#2027)

    Markus Heiser (17):

    • e7788980 [fix] about page- 'How to set as the default search engine?'
    • 250e05e8 [README] update and polish up a little by using badges
    • f8b16a66 [README] searx, world's first gluten free search engine ;)
    • 4954e56b [fix] Makefile: node.env is a prerequisite of lessc and grunt
    • ad208378 [fix] oscar theme, remove inline style attributes (CSP compliants)
    • c9f9e7da [build] rebuild of the oscar theme, build from ad208378
    • de179ecc [fix] remove debug print from commit e5305f88
    • 15103825 utils/fetch_languages.py: print more meaningfull messages
    • 57c7b90e [fix] gigablast does no longer support supported_languages_url
    • a18760b3 [fix] revise of the gigablast engine (WIP)
    • d44b4eda [fix] gigablaste engine: switch from pep8 to pylint test
    • ee5d2b31 [fix] gigablast requires a random extra parameter
    • 18805ee3 [fix] markup of auto generated installation instruction (uWSGI part)
    • 9c71f620 [add blog post] Developing in Linux containers [202006]
    • 5293e580 [fix] yahoo engine - changed content_xpath
    • 410c2f90 [fix] revise google engine
    • 16f8ec89 [fix] revise google images engine

    Noémi Ványi (3):

    • 02c67105 Make Oscar theme scalable
    • 2addee38 Use gender neutral pronouns
    • 223114c5 [fix] refine contrast ratios of texts and borders - #350

    Sophie Tauchert (1):

    • 71db7b12 Fix YaCy text results returned as images
  • v0.16.0+20200706 protected   v0.16.0+20200706

    Adam Tauber (42):

    • f9c7a678 [doc] fix rst format to be able to upload the package to pypi
    • 6df41728 [fix] allow settin custom locale from settins.yml
    • ccf3d89e [fix] update dead link
    • 9bc24080 [fix] add answers, suggestions, corrections to rss output
    • 018b6818 [fix] add answers, suggestions, corrections to csv output
    • 58a63030 [fix] convert query to string to produce valid filename for csv output
    • 8e727ac7 [fix] update csv unit test
    • baca55c9 [fix] handle weights in accept language parsing - fixes w3ms en;q=1.0
    • 822aee94 [fix] remove debug print
    • 2621c24c [enh] add clear search button to oscar theme - fixes #454
    • 65cae857 [fix] load new page with infinite scroll if there is no scrollbar - fixes #759
    • 9a2f26d9 [enh] submit search on suggestion select - closes #807
    • f47e6fc0 [enh] build css after less file changes
    • bab5efea [enh] update npm dependency versions
    • c54a0e81 [enh] add shortcut column to search engines table in preferences - fixes #230
    • 47cddcab [mod] reduce the gap between results
    • 08fdfc73 [fix] do not autocomplete for pressing enter when mouse is on the completion list - fixes #340
    • de1b08a9 [enh] add unique class for each endpoint - closes #1133
    • c6ca468d [fix] wrap long lines in infoboxes - fixes #1652
    • f0819e88 [enh] add engine names to results as classes - closes #670
    • d5e14625 [enh] add subscribe link to rss results - closes #468
    • 785f0938 [fix] add link to wikidata entities in infobox - fixes #1097
    • 2c6531b2 [enh] add routing directions to osm search - closes #254
    • 6c062862 [enh] add length and author details to youtube videos
    • 29960aa1 [enh] add official site link to the top of the infobox - closes #1644
    • 43f7b84a [fix] do not stretch images - fixes #1262
    • aa7c043f [fix] resolve pep8 errors
    • 4ca0d8cb [enh] add translatable strings to javascript - closes #461
    • 32f78772 [fix] resolve flickr_noapi encoding issues
    • 0dc5bdb6 [fix] add missing template file
    • 08c13daf [enh] update opensearch.xml to match major search engines opensearch.xml
    • cc84566e [enh] add visually hidden but accessible css class - #350
    • 2ff6214a [fix] remove alt text which doesnt add extra info - #350
    • a984afd6 [enh] make checkboxes in preferences accessible using keyboard - #350
    • 01ee3a6e [fix] remove redundant alt texts from images in Videos, Social Media and Music results - #350
    • d418b593 [fix] do not use h1 element for the logo
    • 5ca52869 [fix] indicate too high max time by e.g. icon not only by colour
    • fce2d496 [fix] use scope attribute to describe properties in the engine preferences table
    • 6ab569f5 [fix] connect selects and inputs programmatically on the preferences page - #350
    • ec484473 [fix] change lang attribute of the html to match the current locale - #350
    • cc164abd [fix] make "Advanced settings" openable and usable with keyboard - #350
    • 969b4340 [fix] add label/info to Time range search and Language - #350

    Dalf (8):

    HLFH (1):

    • 3a26093c Remove discontinued faroo engine

    Jason Kaltsikis (1):

    Marc Abonce Seguin (2):

    • c0006cad fix default locale and language issues
    • 51e78211 monkey patch babel get_translations to support Occitan

    Markus Heiser (181):

    • bdf39209 build requirements: add a shell script static analysis tool
    • 28dacee2 utils: add lib.sh containing common shell script
    • 4139c63d utils/filtron.sh: add script to install filtron middleware
    • 4990b07b utils/filtron.sh: various fix from first installation test (WIP)
    • 876988a3 docs: add Sphinx-doc extension sphinxcontrib.programoutput
    • 39feb141 docs(admin): add description of the utils/filtron.sh script
    • 3ed82a97 utils/filtron.sh: add command 'update filtron'
    • fe64274f docs: filtron.sh add remark about init systems
    • b5449ec4 filtron: log suspiciously frequent queries (WIP)
    • 3cf31528 utils/searx.sh: add script to install isolated searx service (WIP)
    • 89df9d91 utils/searx.sh: add script to install isolated searx service (WIP)
    • 9b5a7f75 utils/searx.sh: add script to install isolated searx service
    • af2f58fc utils/filtron.sh: add script to install filtron middleware (apache)
    • d171fcd5 utils/searx.sh: add apache site searx.conf:uwsgi
    • 971a8264 utils/searx.sh: add apache site searx.conf:uwsgi (WIP)
    • 924bf655 utils/searx.sh & filtron.sh: misc changes from first tests (WIP)
    • 6274a547 utils/searx.sh & filtron.sh: misc changes from first tests (WIP)
    • cd9b877c utils/searx.sh & filtron.sh: misc changes from first tests (WIP)
    • 91a55e15 apache: reverse proxy, set ProxyPreserveHost On
    • 0bb88470 utils/filtron.sh: add option to debug filtron requests
    • 56a93ee7 utils/lib.sh: colorize messages
    • 709ac51d utils/filtron.sh: generalize systemd, accounts and golang tasks
    • a4437c47 utils/morty.sh: add script to install morty result proxy
    • e7401796 utils/morty.sh: fixed public url
    • 94ac560d doc: add descriptions of our tooling box in ./utils
    • 79e1f837 utils & Makefile: add .config.mk & .config.sh for searx brands
    • 8ca86f46 .config.sh: wrap up to use environment from Makefile as best defaults
    • 9278f0fb docs: add some documentation about the tooling box ./utils/*
    • a5eefea6 docs: fix extlink 'origin' to use GIT_BRANCH env
    • eedd63cc docs: revision of the installation instructions
    • d07119ca docs(css): render ..content and ..toctree directive same
    • 2f40f61f /etc/filtron/rules.json: normalize rules from docs & tooling box
    • 71d7550d tooling box ./utils/*: minor fix from production test
    • a99c65dd docs: misc marginal fixes
    • a014fa0c upload-pypi: twine is needed to upload to PyPi 'make upload-pypi'
    • ed4cb4f1 tooling box: varius fix from tests
    • 5c0f9c8c tooling box: varius fix from tests
    • 7751b295 LXC: add LXC tooling box (initial, WIP)
    • 0d6153db filtron.sh: updated rules from production
    • e6bf2038 filtron.sh: add 'install rules' command
    • 0b2b3255 LXC: tooling box - add HOST shares and commandline to containers (WIP)
    • e8cf2250 LXC: tooling box - add boilerplate to containers
    • ad327398 shellcheck: fix usse -n instead of ! -z (SC2236 SC2237)
    • a1f5f2ce LXC: minor fixes and renaming
    • 0bfc61db tooling box: misc fixes from lxc tests
    • de58f02f filtron: add missing log action to the filtron rules
    • 59e40267 searx.sh: install settings at /etc/searx/settings.yml
    • ccb96544 LXC: improved console messages & prompt
    • e36e0f80 LXC: added archlinux and fedora31 containers
    • a9d18447 docs: fix dead Searx-instance links to https://searx.space
    • 5fb6d4f5 LXC: normalize package installation & user creation.
    • b7105da2 Add missing autocomplete backends to settings.yml comment
    • 179be127 preferences.py: pylint, SPDX tag & docstrings (no functional change)
    • 1cae4fa8 preferences.py: implement defaults if unset
    • f17b2874 utils/serx.sh: make uWSGI installation available for all distros (WIP)
    • 4a94b4cc searx/testing.py: pylint & SPDX tag (no functional change)
    • 81f106e5 searx/testing.py: bugfix process model (do not use Flask's debug mode)
    • aa95a0d7 searx/testing.py: fixed pep8 error
    • 70057435 make test: bugfix, pyenvinstall is a prerequisite for the pylint test
    • c89c05bc bugfix: google-news and bing-news has changed the language parameter
    • d5917cc0 utils/lib.sh: make uWSGI installation available for all distros
    • af6acd34 LXC: install searx-suite installs searx, filtron & morty on all containers
    • 37c135f2 LXC: improved UX when working with a bunch of containers
    • 2f6f9665 requirements-dev.txt: add missing pylint for liniting tests
    • 40843fe9 searx/data/engines_languages.json: sort json file (no content change)
    • e0c99d9d bugfix: fetch_supported_languages bing, -news, -videos, -images
    • 79412828 update languages: engines_languages.json languages.py
    • 1c853f95 bing_news: parital rollback of c89c05bc
    • ad7a6e6e bugfix(!biv) : bing-video do not like "older" User-Agents
    • 491cb95a utils/lxc.env: separate environment that is used in containers
    • c3e4753c docs: generic documentation from the installation scripts
    • 7af991ac LXC: add ubuntu 19.10 and 20.04 to the list of test images
    • f25da607 docs: generic documentation get templating
    • 3cb7daed docs: generic doocumentation for searx-uwsgi
    • 3aff2c19 docs: complement uwsgi documentation for all distros
    • cbc08fdc docs: describe uwsgi setup of all suported distributions
    • 387c6a77 docs: improve description of uwsgi & ngingx setup
    • 857a1458 docs: for example URLs use iana's example.org
    • c1533785 fix: minor typos
    • b1e90cff LXC: separate lxc-suite from lxc & improved command line.
    • e7f69b63 LXC: from searx.sh, morty.sh and filtron.sh tests
    • d48c7bf6 LXC: fixed raw.idmap & removed obsolete uid/gid subordinate
    • 938bb025 searx.sh: add commandline 'install packages'
    • 04ad6481 makefile.python: remove python2 support
    • f5f83b8a shellcheck: minor fixes to support all dsitros
    • 80f7b658 searx.sh: add buildhost cmd, installs OS packages for builds
    • 86e79488 LXC: utils/makefile.lxc (inital) add /.lxcenv.mk to contaiiners
    • d2cfe9ce LXC: add /.lxcenv
    • 62da7699 ./utils/lxc.sh: add command 'install base'
    • 2d956696 docs: building (PDF) books / build user book
    • baf1ffd1 LXC: set LXC_ENV_FOLDER=lxc/$(shell hostname)/
    • 1fcec0bb lxc.sh install base: add bash and python3 to LXC_BASE_PACKAGES
    • 04c68740 [fix] brands: add variables from build env to jinja templating
    • e84fc943 [fix] brands: add variables from build env to sphinx-doc
    • f6b29f68 [fix] brands: add variables from build env to setup.py
    • aaf22baa make project: re-build generic files of the searx project
    • 757ebb5d [fix] brands: add variables from build env to grunt process
    • 3dbade0a [fix] brands: add GIT_URL variable to the docker build
    • 2d12f221 [fix] docker build: set build argument LABEL_VCS_URL to GIT_URL
    • d471ec86 Makefile: add target node.env - download & install npm dependencies
    • ace7d30a webapp.py: partial code review (no functional change)
    • 4d648282 webapp.py: expose the brand variable in the /config URL.
    • 33814719 brands: add ISSUE_URL
    • 3486613a brands: hardcode ISSUE_URL and some links on the about-page
    • 5d087ee4 Rewrite of the HTL about page
    • 00251d7c Makefile: add target 'useragents.update' to fetch versions of Firefox
    • 809e6f79 make project: re-build generic files of the searx project
    • 97175219 Minor improvements of the HTML about page
    • 6846402d .gitignore: make package-lock.json visible
    • e7fbefa8 build: move build styles from manage.sh to Makefile
    • 1075f58a test: move tests from manage.sh to Makefile
    • d7523071 travis: use build environment from Makefile
    • ec453e02 [fix] docker 'Error compiling' and 'SyntaxError' messages
    • 8a16903a make themes: rename 'style' targtes to 'themes' targets
    • 442b27ac bash: use build environment from Makefile
    • ca65d41d [fix] travis: reomve 'make style' from travis build
    • 7b4cf2eb tooling box: simplify build enviroments
    • 0742c250 build environment: add GIT_BRANCH variable
    • 5e2b1613 Makefile: marginal fix
    • 3e4d022d [fix] make test.sh: fix various shellcheck error messages
    • 1ae39787 Makefile: rename target 'searx.brand' to 'buildenv'
    • 4e307edb docs: document Makefile setup and 'buildenv' (aka brand)
    • dd53c45a docs: add utils/lxc.sh docs, normalize filtron, morty & searx docs
    • f27f6c6c docs: use make and uitls/searx.sh in containers
    • 6007bd7f makefile.python: fix (old) typo
    • d599bdff travis: make travis build more verbose
    • 3bbcfe6a travis: make travis build more verbose
    • a62e3c93 travis: build on os: linux, dist: bionic, use platform arch: arm64
    • 0a951d0e [fix] travis: Permission denied: '/home/travis/.cache/pip/...'
    • b1888098 travis: make travis build more verbose
    • 8c145ff2 travis: build on os: linux, dist: bionic, use platform arch: arm64
    • 9b48ae47 makefile.python: hardening - drop virtualenv, drop build support py2
    • 9e32fb27 [fix] travis: Permission denied: '/home/travis/.cache/pip/...'
    • eb87b07d travis: disable cache
    • adc3a855 Revert "travis: disable cache"
    • e340bb5b travis: remove platform option arm64
    • 565493b5 travis: use Makefile target travis.codecov to install codecov
    • 31437d04 makefile.python: hardening - start pylint by module
    • 09a40625 makefile.python: partial revert off 9b48ae47, adds py2 support back
    • fc89c698 make test.pylint: do not run pylint checks in py2
    • 41f002b0 travis: remove before_cache handle
    • f32b4fce LXC: add virtualenv to LXC_BASE_PACKAGES
    • af988dbf utils/lxc.sh: support build of selected containers
    • 853be4e1 utils/filtron.sh: add generic documentation
    • e32b08f6 utils/morty.sh: add generic documentation
    • 84daf999 docs: remove PR #1803 hints
    • 3c19f2f1 utils/lxc.sh install: support installation on selected containers
    • e530e20a misc: fix variuous marginals
    • c748047e utils/searx.sh: add cmd to (un)set option image_proxy and result_proxy
    • c2caf956 [fix] creation of /.lxcenv in containers
    • c81849cb filtron.sh & morty.sh: improve usage message (if used in containers)
    • eb0d4646 docs: rework of chapter "Install with apache"
    • ee39a098 apache: normalize installation (docs and script)s over all distros
    • f693149c Changes from the installation tests on (all) LXC containers.
    • 44edc925 [fix] morty: PUBLIC_URL_PATH_MORTY needs trailing slash
    • ebde9d10 docs: proofreading of all the installation topics
    • 67afa6b1 bash scripts: source code cleaned up (shellcheck)
    • 58d5da8b nginx: normalize installation (docs and script)s over all distros
    • 99ff16c4 tooling box: added nginx + polished bash scripts and environment
    • 30c0a0fb doc: add missing command lines to nginx docs
    • 5fc17de8 docs: marginal fix of command's './utils/lxc.sh show suite' output
    • 697dd6c6 [fix] ffox useragent: use Windows NT 10.0 and not Windows NT 10
    • d21e0b0e [fix] old images need an initial 'apt update'
    • 26a3a7d5 [docs] installation: add note to update OS before install searx
    • ea325583 utils/morty.sh: set morty key to avoid service abuse
    • 8829796f utils/morty.sh option new-key: set new morty key
    • 5f1cba53 Revert "fix: Remove english shell dependency in manage.sh script"
    • ceceee54 [fix] Remove english shell dependency in manage.sh script
    • 0973255a [fix] fatal: repository '/root/searx' does not exist
    • e50ccc99 archlinux: add package 'inetutils' to boilerplate
    • fcc5af66 [fix] disable debug in settings.yml by default
    • f576cadf [fix] installation instructions: pip install -e searx (setup.py)
    • eae34816 [fix] commit 2c6531b2 breaks the unit test, this is a hotfix
    • 6ff20cef [fix] indentation of filtron's rules (json)
    • 51428de0 [fix] add missing latexmk package to debian's BUILD_PACKAGES
    • 4f7a6c09 [fix] buildhosts documentation
    • 15924bcb [fix] buildprocess of the docs by adding sphinx-doc-prebuilds target
    • aa5f9471 [enh] add 'kernel-include' reST-directive
    • bfef2c3b [fix] buildprocess of docs in LXC (containers)
    • a5e82f98 [fix] margial typo in docs/user/onf.py doc-string
    • 0616684b [fix] sphinx 3.1 CSS issues

    Mostafa Ahangarha (1):

    Nicolas Gelot (7):

    • a818d324 Remove get local from request.args
    • 373a66be Fix locale and search language
    • b8b13372 Fix deprecated werkzeug import
    • 54e2de9b Increase bot limit
    • 129e2ff8 Increase filtron policy about ip and user-agent
    • 12644e59 Increase default timeout
    • 8c261be7 Use generic_privileged runner for docker build

    Noémi Ványi (9):

    • 99435381 [enh] introduce private engines
    • 3d03fb30 Add new post to blog about private engines
    • ba7c8d7b [fix] remove usage of request context where not available
    • bce3830b [fix] translate engine errors to Occitan when configured
    • e3282748 add display_error_messages option to engine settings
    • d7d89369 add disable all and allow all engines button to Oscar preferences
    • a3e15a3d Fix Farsi language in Oscar && adjust tables with RTL
    • 640da73a make category order configurable using ui.categories_order
    • 4ec2fab5 Consider HTTP request when running search categories on select is enabled

    Sion Kazama (1):

    Splinter Suidman (5):

    • 536eb2b8 Add Wikimedia projects.
    • 2b453cb2 fix: Change Wikinews category to news.
    • c37544e6 fix: Spelling of Wiktionary.
    • 87fba9c1 fix: Remove unnecessary query parameter for Wikimedia projects.
    • 83fa88cb fix: Change Wikiversity and Wikivoyage shortcuts to wv and wy.

    Spühler Stefan (1):

    • 4f90fb6a [Fix] Startpage ValueError on Spanish date format

    Venca24 (1):

    mathieu.brunot (1):

    • 08875295 📝 Opencontainers labels in docker image #1772

    piplongrun (3):

    resynth1943 (1):

    • e84cdb66 Add autofocus to all search inputs

    Émilien Devos (1):

    Étienne Deparis (1):

    • 7b9c8f77 fix: Remove english shell dependency in manage.sh script
  • v0.16.0+20200305 protected   v0.16.0+20200305

    Nicolas Gelot (1):

    • ebd5dee0 Add cache feature on valid http requests
  • v0.16.0+20200219 protected   v0.16.0+20200219

    Nicolas Gelot (1):

    • e556575c Reduce amount of logs to prevent disk space
  • v0.16.0+20200206 protected   v0.16.0+20200206

    Nicolas Gelot (3):

    • f0770649 Restore images and videos results on main page
    • 70f48050 Increase dailymotion results per page to 20
    • c1e4cbc1 Fix deprecated werkzeug import
  • v0.16.0+20200203 protected   v0.16.0+20200203
    0a2f8255 · Enforce TLS configuration ·

    Nicolas Gelot (3):

    • b80f0a22 Add an error code on each filtron rule
    • 06a2290a Remove rule about Accept-Language header
    • 0a2f8255 Enforce TLS configuration
  • v0.16.0+20200131 protected   v0.16.0+20200131

    Nicolas Gelot (2):

    • 32497007 Update filtron for stats.searx.xyz
    • 3003e832 Fix searx version in eelo theme
  • v0.16.0+20200130 protected   v0.16.0+20200130

    Adam Tauber (4):

    • 8e3bd3fc [mod] add py2 deprecation warning to webapp
    • b6a2aff9 [enh] update translations
    • 89662cd3 [enh] update AUTHORS.rst with new contributors
    • 6060ab85 [enh] version v0.16.0

    Dalf (1):

    • 0e7b6c9a [mod] infinite scroll: XHR requests are sent with the header "Accept: text/html".

    Nicolas Gelot (4):

    • 49892d47 Update rate limit policy to whitelist stats.searx.xyz
    • d2a26bf9 Disable deviantart to avoid empty image
    • c7083bb3 Update number of service in README
    • 1963cb0f Expose proxy settings as env. variables
  • v0.15.0+20200129 protected   v0.15.0+20200129
    7ea3792d · Update traefik ·

    Nicolas Gelot (2):

  • v0.15.0+20200128 protected   v0.15.0+20200128
    1dfce431 · Fix prod deployement job ·

    Nicolas Gelot (8):

  • v0.15.0+20200120 protected   v0.15.0+20200120

    Minimal version without images and videos on general tab, also the cache feature is removed. This new version will allow to perform easy rebase from searx in the future even if some little changes are done in the backend.

    Nicolas Gelot (6):

  • v0.15.0+20191119 protected
  • v0.15.0+20190725 protected
  • 0.1.1 protected
    92977742 · Update settings.yml ·
  • 0.1.0 protected