Commit ba7c8d7b authored by Noémi Ványi's avatar Noémi Ványi

[fix] remove usage of request context where not available

parent 826ef3d0
......@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ from flask import (
from import Translations
import flask_babel
from flask_babel import Babel, gettext, format_date, format_decimal
from flask.ctx import has_request_context
from flask.json import jsonify
from searx import brand
from searx import settings, searx_dir, searx_debug
......@@ -165,13 +166,11 @@ _flask_babel_get_translations = flask_babel.get_translations
# monkey patch for flask_babel.get_translations
def _get_translations():
translation_locale = request.form.get('use-translation')
if translation_locale:
if has_request_context() and request.form.get('use-translation') == 'oc':
babel_ext = flask_babel.current_app.extensions['babel']
translation = Translations.load(next(babel_ext.translation_directories), 'oc')
translation = _flask_babel_get_translations()
return translation
return Translations.load(next(babel_ext.translation_directories), 'oc')
return _flask_babel_get_translations()
flask_babel.get_translations = _get_translations
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