Commit 743ed248 authored by Nicolas Gelot's avatar Nicolas Gelot

Remove unused class SearchWithPlugins in search module

parent b842cb40
......@@ -31,7 +31,6 @@ from searx.engines import (
categories, engines, settings
from searx.exceptions import SearxParameterException
from searx.plugins import plugins
from searx.query import RawTextQuery, SearchQuery, VALID_LANGUAGE_CODE
from searx.results import ResultContainer
from searx.utils import gen_useragent
......@@ -377,25 +376,3 @@ class Search(object):
# return results, suggestions, answers and infoboxes
return self.result_container
class SearchWithPlugins(Search):
"""Similar to the Search class but call the plugins."""
def __init__(self, search_query, ordered_plugin_list, request):
super(SearchWithPlugins, self).__init__(search_query)
self.ordered_plugin_list = ordered_plugin_list
self.request = request
def search(self):
if, 'pre_search', self.request, self):
super(SearchWithPlugins, self).search(), 'post_search', self.request, self)
results = self.result_container.get_ordered_results()
for result in results:, 'on_result', self.request, self, result)
return self.result_container
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