Commit 4b382c65 authored by Gaël Duval's avatar Gaël Duval 🏄🏼

Update footer

parent c9b267e4
......@@ -87,13 +87,12 @@
{% endblock %}
<p class="text-muted">
e Foundation 2019,
{{ _('Powered by') }} <a href="">searx</a>
{{ searx_version }}
e Foundation 2018-2019,
{{ _('Powered by') }} <a href="">Spot</a>
{{ searx_version }}.<br/>An open-source metasearch engine forked from <a href="">Searx</a>.
<span class="links">
<a href="">{{ _('About') }}</a>
<a href="{{ url_for('privacy') }}">{{ _('Privacy') }}</a>
<a href="">{{ _('Privacy') }}</a>
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