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......@@ -22,9 +22,41 @@ this app would be just a dream. So thanks to them!
- Material designed.
- -Agenda widget.- (disabled until #373 and #374 are fixed. Use [Calendar Widget]( as an alternative.)
## How to use Etar
Store your calendar on the phone only:
- Use offline calendar to create a local calendar on your phone.
Sync your calendar to a server:
- A cloud-synched calendar could be a google calendar, but you can also use
any other public Caldav-server or even host your own (which would be the
only way to keep full control over your data and still have ONE calendar
usable from different devices.) To sync such a calendar to some server you
need yet another app, e. g. DAVx5. That’s necessary because a Caldav client
isn't included in Etar.
The following [link]( provides a tutorial how to use Nextcloud + DAVx5 + Etar.
### Technical explanation
On Android there are "Calendar providers". These can be calendars that are
synchronized with a cloud service or local calendars. Basically any app
could provide a calendar. Those "provided" calendars can be used by Etar.
You can even configure in Etar which ones are to be shown and when adding
an event to which calendar it should be added.
### Important permissions Etar requires
->import and export ics calendar files
->allows search and location suggestions when adding guests to an event
->read and create calendar events
## Contribute
### Translations in Google Play app description
You can update/add your own language [here](metadata). Also, all artwork files are available [here](metadata)
### Translations
Interested in helping to translate Etar? Contribute here:
##### Google Play app description:
You can update/add your own language and all artwork files [here](metadata)
### Build instructions
Install and extract Android SDK command line tools.
......@@ -34,9 +66,14 @@ export ANDROID_HOME=/path/to/android-sdk/
git submodule update --init --remote
gradle build
## License
Copyright (c) 2005-2013, The Android Open Source Project
Copyright (c) 2013, Dominik Schürmann
Copyright (c) 2015-, The Etar Project
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0:
### How this was done
- see ``build.gradle`` and the modifications to ``AndroidManifest.xml``
- ```` was created to fix a build problem and rename imports of
- get time zone data from write ``backward`` and ```` to assets and to assets of
- comment out code in
Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.
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