Commit f2de773b authored by Marvin W's avatar Marvin W

Bump version code

parent e7e30f6c
Subproject commit bfe649fc36a40e2498f1ecf123edfb9278fe0a1d
Subproject commit 51509859ae51097ad5789ba4ca2e9ffb9658f80e
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ def execResult(...args) {
return stdout.toString().trim()
def gmsVersion = "17.4.55"
def gmsVersion = "17.7.85"
def gmsVersionCode = Integer.parseInt(gmsVersion.replaceAll('\\.', ''))
def gitVersionBase = execResult('git', 'describe', '--tags', '--abbrev=0', '--match=v[0-9]*').substring(1)
def gitCommitCount = Integer.parseInt(execResult('git', 'rev-list', '--count', "v$gitVersionBase..HEAD"))
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