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Merge branch '33-GmsCore_submodules_use_e_apps' into 'master'

Use /e/apps/ repos as submodules

Closes #33

See merge request !11
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[submodule "extern/UnifiedNlp"]
path = extern/UnifiedNlp
url = ../android_packages_apps_UnifiedNlp.git
url =
branch = master
[submodule "extern/GmsApi"]
path = extern/GmsApi
url =
url =
branch = master
[submodule "extern/Wearable"]
path = extern/Wearable
url =
url =
branch = master
[submodule "extern/GmsLib"]
path = extern/GmsLib
url =
url =
bramch = master
[submodule "extern/RemoteDroidGuard"]
path = extern/RemoteDroidGuard
url =
url =
branch = master
Subproject commit 15cd4491bcca57d627796b35b69bdf8c97564792
Subproject commit 9326461e73017ae1ecf9b413d35e007929c292eb
Subproject commit 47073dd7a2a039593fe556af8f9f33e325febfa7
Subproject commit 821d63193a57a9d60892712a29c5e39211bb60a3
Subproject commit 2c56cdcb7e0de2c88d0acb80727534b73dccf9e2
Subproject commit 5516c49cb40d5008bd76a0818bb856da1b134f05
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