Commit 2f38553f authored by Gaël Duval's avatar Gaël Duval 🏄🏼 Committed by Weblate

Translated using Weblate (French)

Currently translated at 45.7% (58 of 127 strings)

Translation: /e//BlissLauncher
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......@@ -123,4 +123,8 @@
<string name="weather_18">Beau temps</string>
<string name="weather_19">Poussières</string>
<string name="weather_17">Grêle</string>
<string name="icon_badging_service_title">Afficher les bulles de notification</string>
<string name="default_scroll_format">Page %1$d sur %2$d</string>
<string name="activity_not_found">L\'app n\'est pas installée</string>
<string name="tap_to_setup_usageaccess">Appuyer pour configurer les suggestions d\'applications</string>
\ No newline at end of file
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