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  • v1.9-ose   Version 1.9 * a lot of internal reworking to make DAVdroid ready for the upcoming Managed DAVdroid release * theme and launcher icon update * CalDAV: allow email reminders for events, too * CalDAV: ical4j library update * various bug fixes and improvements
    0e4bb317 · Version bump to 1.9-ose ·
  • v1.9.1-ose   Version 1.9.1 * improve resource detection * better handling of contact group method change * prevent multiple syncs to be run at the same time for the same account and authority * events: support ACCESS_CONFIDENTIAL * minor bug fixes and optimizations
  • v1.9.2-ose   Version 1.9.2 * ical4android: upgrade to ical4j/2.1.3 brings VTIMEZONE caching (performance improvement) * build tools 27 works around bug of some custom ROMs that causes crashing apps and boot loops
  • v1.9.3-ose   Version 1.9.3 * improved custom certificate support * raise API level to 19 (required by ical4j) * various minor improvements and bug fixes (including fixed crashes on Android 4.x)
    4e4cf764 · Version bump to 1.9.3 ·
  • v1.9.4-ose   Version 1.9.4 * allow to force read-only ("one-way") sync for collections * ask for required permissions when DAVdroid account acitivity is opened * library and translation updates
  • v1.9.5-ose   Version 1.9.5 * pass title and color of Webcal calendars to ICSdroid * minor bug fixes and improvements
    45af16af · Version bump to 1.9.5 ·
  • v1.9.6-ose   Version 1.9.6 Target to Android 8.1: * set up notification channels * don't rely on implicit broadcast to detect tasks app installation
  • v1.9.7-ose   Version 1.9.7 * avoid crash on Android 8 when non-DAVdroid accounts are added/removed * only ask for tasks permission if there's a tasks provider
    eff4438e · Version bump to 1.9.7 ·
  • v1.9.8-ose   Version 1.9.8 * add manual to navigation drawer * minor bug fixes and improvements
    04306ed9 · Version bump to 1.9.8 ·
  • v1.9.8.1-ose   Version * fix DNS SRV/TXT resolving problem on Android 8 (needed for "Login with email address")
    73c5c9ef · Fix string resource ·
  • v1.9.9-ose   Version 1.9.9 * update for OpenTasks support - ical4android update - use uid field for tasks - require OpenTasks * bug/crash fix and minor optimizations
    abd0eb53 · Version bump to 1.9.9 ·
  • v1.9.10-ose   Version 1.9.10 * fixed: changed contacts visibility on every sync * fixed: crash on database upgrade * various refactoring and optimizations
    dd3b326f · Version bump to 1.9.10 ·
  • v1.10-ose   Version 1.10 * new login method by URL and client certificate * improved LoginActivity * notify on SSLHandshakeException (except when a certificate was rejected by cert4android) * show exception cause in debug info * various minor improvements
    3a6db13d · Update Kotlin ·
  • v1.10.1-ose   Version 1.10.1 * workaround for problems with event colors being reset when there are multiple DAVdroid accounts with different event color setting * new translations
    fee5ab50 · Version bump to 1.10.1 ·
  • v1.10.1.1-ose   Version hotfix: synchronization of calendars when event colors are disabled works again
    5a686a9a · Version bump to ·
  • v1.11-ose   Version 1.11 * new sync logic (preparation for Collection Sync, uses less memory) * improved notifications - "retry" and "view item" actions for sync errors - I/O errors are shown as minimum priority notifications * add start-up info dialog for vendor-specific auto-sync problems * removed unnecessary permission activity (now handled by account activity) * library updates (including okhttp 3.10 which should now be able to handle unexpected HTTP 100 status messages) * various other improvements and bug fixes
  • v1.11-rc1-ose   Version 1.11-rc1 Changes since 1.10: - rewritten sync logic (preparation for WebDAV collection sync) - improved sync error notifications - added "app auto-start permission" startup dialog for specific vendors - various improvements and bug fixes
  • v1.11.1-ose   Version 1.11.1 * fix memory leak which had caused contact sync problems * show ical4j version in iCalendars * show okhttp version in HTTP User-Agent * minor improvements and bug fixes
  • v1.11.2-ose   Version 1.11.2 Support collection synchronization (RFC 6578) for contacts (CardDAV)
    ef9f13d1 · Version bump to 1.11.2 ·
  • v1.11.3   Version 1.11.3 Enable Collection Synchronization for events (when supported by the server and past time event limit is disabled)
    5f2f151e · Version bump to 1.11.3 ·