1. 24 Aug, 2019 1 commit
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    • Erik Kline's avatar
      config: Use tether automatic upstream selection · 4ec88136
      Erik Kline authored
      Test: as follows
          - built, flashed, booted
      Bug: 32163131
      Bug: 62648872
      Bug: 63282480
      Bug: 110118584
      Bug: 110260419
      Change-Id: I604cda53d6d37a33de3e3ccc65c0da781d21278b
  4. 15 Aug, 2019 1 commit
  5. 11 Aug, 2019 1 commit
    • jhenrique09's avatar
      vendor: Add qcom platform type to soongs vars · 97cb87c8
      jhenrique09 authored
      Required for new commits on frameworks/native
      * Fix lag during screen recording on some platforms
      * Fix screen flickering after disconnecting from Android Auto on some platforms
      Change-Id: Ia0ed0bbfda44fb5ccb184ace854ec1bf9a7d819a
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    • Rashed Abdel-Tawab's avatar
      qcom: Add UM 4.14 platforms · 05aded86
      Rashed Abdel-Tawab authored
      * Note: msmnile is treated like msmnile because unlike other Qualcomm
        codenames msmnile does not expand to 8150.
      Change-Id: If246c0ec06de22097d369c17ce48aa1270bab19c
  12. 19 Jul, 2019 1 commit
    • LuK1337's avatar
      kernel: Consider depmod version when handling kernel modules · 6047f5a0
      LuK1337 authored
      * This fixes dirty boot image rebuilding on devices
        with CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO=y and any driver
        set to =m.
      * Basically appending `cat include/config/kernel.release`
        to modules path makes sure that our find does not
        return old modules which would make cp fail with
        'cp: will not overwrite just-created' message.
      Change-Id: Ifb79d33b95d7671d8b2d6633644c8b8290d1f442
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    • Vasyl Gello's avatar
      Fix bootanimation destpath if building off-tree · bc4bce82
      Vasyl Gello authored
      If the build is invoked off-tree, like:
          . build/envsetup.sh
          export OUT_DIR=/some/other/dir/out
          export DIST_DIR=/some/other/dir/dist
          breakfast chagalllte
          mka \
              target-files-package dist
      the bootanimation.zip is correctly generated in $OUT_DIR.
      However, if the user overrides directories after breakfast, i.e:
          . build/envsetup.sh
          breakfast chagalllte
          mka \
              OUT_DIR=/some/other/dir/out \
              DIST_DIR=/some/other/dir/dist \
              target-files-package dist
      the destination path of intermediate bootanimation.zip is still
      controlled by $ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT which is set by build/envsetup.sh.
      This leads to a copy error and a failed build.
      The fix overrides $ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT by the always-known PRODUCT_OUT
      (make variable defined in build/core/envsetup.mk), making it error-prone
      to environment variable declaration.
      Also, the "sh" invocation is replaced with generic make-variable
      Change-Id: Ic94d1b538fc01946b628f9b5d776548a03acde97
      Signed-off-by: default avatarVasyl Gello <vasek.gello@gmail.com>
  16. 27 Jun, 2019 1 commit
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  18. 25 Jun, 2019 7 commits
    • Ethan Chen's avatar
      build: Separate platform macros from QCOM platform definition · a7b2d0a6
      Ethan Chen authored
      * The macros used in the file formerly called "qcom_utils.mk" are
        actually generic and not QCOM-specific. Move the QCOM_BOARD definitions
        to a QCOM-specific location, and name the remaning macros something more
      Change-Id: I6747bc9201e56b456caf251122057d7dbc233f1c
    • Ethan Chen's avatar
      build: Reorganize inclusion of QCOM macros · 66ce59c8
      Ethan Chen authored
      * There's actually not a whole lot QC-specific about these macros,
        make them available at definition.mk inclusion time rather than
        relying on BoardConfig to include them.
      * Don't create a dependency on QCOM macros from a makefile
        that is included very early in the build process.
      Change-Id: I3dcaf0e068ca44732cfe58f69384621781ddda67
    • LuK1337's avatar
      privapp-permissions: Regenerate permissions list · 40ab94de
      LuK1337 authored
      * Regenerated using development/tools/privapp_permissions/privapp_permissions.py
      Change-Id: I9f49e92dbf92dc545dee782124d45db1e70df471
    • Ethan Chen's avatar
      build: Remove unused script · 123fcd37
      Ethan Chen authored
      * http_prebuilt.mk appears to be long gone.
      Change-Id: I8ca584fc1e468bb47164984bb363f0cf29750e68
    • Ethan Chen's avatar
      build: Use ifeq/else ifeq/else construction in board config · b7b49cc0
      Ethan Chen authored
      * Instead of nesting ifeq/else/ifeq/else/endif/endif construction, make
        allows the more readable ifeq/else ifeq/else/endif construction. Use it
      Change-Id: Ifd2635929799db593e04a13827f05c97e95487e4
    • Ethan Chen's avatar
      build: Set mode for makefiles · 5512b647
      Ethan Chen authored
      * These shouldn't be executable.
      Change-Id: Idcb4e46f0ac69116b4837cd31f9f2e506b41a3f2
    • Michael Bestas's avatar
      Whitelist permissions for AOSP FM radio app · fcc1e196
      Michael Bestas authored
      * Sort the file while we are at it.
      Change-Id: I8dec9ece1c1523dcb77421b6912bbef91efb1485
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    • Asher Simonds's avatar
      Update default wallpaper · 337f13e4
      Asher Simonds authored
      Change-Id: Icfb58abdda66636e220187269d32475e917eb11f
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJoey <joey@lineageos.org>
    • Rashed Abdel-Tawab's avatar
      lineage: Rework DTBO image generation · 60fe9352
      Rashed Abdel-Tawab authored
      Currently we handle the DTBO images from start to finish, including
      AVB footers, and just drop them in $(PRODUCT_OUT)/dtbo.img when done.
      While this works for the most part, we are limited in what we can do
      with the DTBO images. For example non-A/B device recovery images must
      have a copy of the DTBO image appended to recovery (see AOSP docs:
      https://source.android.com/devices/bootloader/recovery-image ). This
      means that we need to pass the pre-AVB dtbo image into
      BOARD_PREBUILT_DTBOIMAGE in order to let the AOSP build system handle it.
      This commit reworks the way the DTBO images are built, placing them at
      $(PRODUCT_OUT)/dtbo-pre.img instead and setting BOARD_PREBUILT_DTBOIMAGE
      to that path so the AOSP build system can pick the images up and sign
      them and append to recovery (for applicable devices).
      Change-Id: I8819d7cd92ba298de67dbc7f6b321917ba8524f1
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