Commit e5df0f0c authored by Danny Baumann's avatar Danny Baumann Committed by Bruno Martins
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Add Settings overlay for theme picker.

Makes theme picker appear under display settings.

Change-Id: Ibd02eacf1c199979123e54054715b72d91af3851
parent a8f45e99
......@@ -26,4 +26,10 @@
<!-- Whether wallpaper attribution should be shown or not. -->
<bool name="config_show_wallpaper_attribution">false</bool>
<!-- Package name and fully-qualified class name for the wallpaper picker activity. -->
<string name="config_wallpaper_picker_package" translatable="false"></string>
<string name="config_wallpaper_picker_class" translatable="false"></string>
<!-- Fully-qualified class name for the styles & wallpaper picker activity. -->
<string name="config_styles_and_wallpaper_picker_class" translatable="false"></string>
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