Commit d51094ce authored by Roman Birg's avatar Roman Birg Committed by Sam Mortimer
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vendor: make dopush recognize files on more partitions

Change-Id: Ied1a243730df1d683fd237f8ea7bd9b1742db105
Signed-off-by: default avatarRoman Birg <>
parent c386595e
......@@ -887,9 +887,9 @@ EOF
for TARGET in $(echo $LOC | tr " " "\n" | sed "s#.*${RELOUT}##" | sort | uniq); do
# Make sure file is in $OUT/system or $OUT/data
# Make sure file is in $OUT/system, $OUT/data, $OUT/odm, $OUT/oem, $OUT/product, $OUT/product_services or $OUT/vendor
case $TARGET in
# Get out file from target (i.e. /system/bin/adb)
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