Commit 9a30c84e authored by Demon000's avatar Demon000 Committed by Bruno Martins
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ThemePicker: Do not override default values

No need to change them.

Change-Id: I3040ebb6316db7498e5170531d8df904f54e5233
parent ff7657bc
......@@ -17,15 +17,6 @@
<string name="themes_stub_package" translatable="false">org.lineageos.customization</string>
<!-- Authority of a provider in System UI that will provide preview info for available clockfaces. -->
<string name="clocks_provider_authority" translatable="false"></string>
<!--Name of metadata in the main launcher Activity which values contains the authority
corresponding to a ContentProvider in launcher to provide available grids and
allow for changing them -->
<string name="grid_control_metadata_name" translatable="false"></string>
<string name="launcher_overlayable_package" translatable="false"></string>
<!-- List of packages whose icons are used to preview the icon shape for a theme. These are
typically GMS apps so they should be available in GMS devices. -->
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