Commit 6b83f943 authored by Davide Garberi's avatar Davide Garberi
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backuptool: Run check_{black, white}list with proper system path

 * If any of these two function gets run on a recovery mounting system
   to /system, /system/addon.d won't exist while /system/system/addon.d will.
 * Run the functions with $S as argument to make this work correctly

Change-Id: I02e7b91429a9e74d28bdb77e56955dad97ca75ac
parent 23d677b5
......@@ -126,12 +126,12 @@ case "$1" in
mkdir -p $C
if check_prereq; then
if check_whitelist system; then
if check_whitelist $S; then
exit 127
check_blacklist system
check_blacklist $S
run_stage pre-backup
run_stage backup
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