Commit 4ec88136 authored by Erik Kline's avatar Erik Kline Committed by Sam Mortimer
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config: Use tether automatic upstream selection


Test: as follows
    - built, flashed, booted
Bug: 32163131
Bug: 62648872
Bug: 63282480
Bug: 110118584
Bug: 110260419

Change-Id: I604cda53d6d37a33de3e3ccc65c0da781d21278b
parent 19074ef5
......@@ -89,4 +89,9 @@
<!-- Whether or not we should show the option to show battery percentage -->
<bool name="config_battery_percentage_setting_available">false</bool>
<!-- When true, the tethering upstream network follows the current default
Internet network (except when the current default network is mobile,
in which case a DUN network will be used if required). -->
<bool name="config_tether_upstream_automatic">true</bool>
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