Commit 497a6aef authored by Davide Garberi's avatar Davide Garberi
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backuptool: Execute check_blacklist from the current directory

 * For some odd reasons executing `cd /system/addon.d` makes the system
   hang and unmount error:
     umount: /system_root: Device or resource busy
 * Don't change directory to not allow the system partition hang

Change-Id: I3d30bdc59c2f05d16823e99046c1dce2e1e6eb73
parent 6b83f943
......@@ -59,8 +59,7 @@ return 1
check_blacklist() {
if [ -f $S/addon.d/blacklist -a -d /$1/addon.d/ ]; then
## Discard any known bad backup scripts
cd /$1/addon.d/
for f in *sh; do
for f in /$1/addon.d/*sh; do
[ -f $f ] || continue
s=$(md5sum $f | cut -c-32)
grep -q $s $S/addon.d/blacklist && rm -f $f
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