Commit 29f3b577 authored by Michael Gernoth's avatar Michael Gernoth Committed by Dan Pasanen
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roomservice: handle devices with underscores

This change correctly handles devices with underscores in their
name even if there is a device with the same name after the last
underscore (spyder, umts_spyder) by not allowing any underscores
in the manufacturers name.

Without this change, spyder gets resolved to:

Only the last one is valid.

With this change, both spyder and umts_spyder get resolved correctly.

Change-Id: I0c95ff126d827a2d6b58875dfcb9327e999f4913
parent dd4ee0c2
......@@ -255,7 +255,7 @@ if depsonly:
for repository in repositories:
repo_name = repository['name']
if repo_name.startswith("android_device_") and repo_name.endswith("_" + device):
if re.match(r"^android_device_[^_]*_" + device + "$", repo_name):
print("Found repository: %s" % repository['name'])
manufacturer = repo_name.replace("android_device_", "").replace("_" + device, "")
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