Commit 19074ef5 authored by LuK1337's avatar LuK1337 Committed by Łukasz Patron
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overlay: Remove config_wifi_wakeup_available

* It doesn't exist anymore.

Change-Id: I6f855f097febbc986dd8d94d862f154842641d1b
parent 97cb87c8
......@@ -76,12 +76,6 @@
<!-- Set icon mask to circle -->
<string name="config_icon_mask" translatable="false">"M50 0A50 50,0,1,1,50 100A50 50,0,1,1,50 0"</string>
<!-- Controls the WiFi wakeup feature.
0 = Not available.
1 = Available.
<integer translatable="false" name="config_wifi_wakeup_available">1</integer>
<!-- Whether action menu items should be displayed in ALLCAPS or not.
Defaults to true. If this is not appropriate for specific locales
it should be disabled in that locale's resources. -->
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