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FP3 : Add configuration for GPS, Screen Brightness, USB

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......@@ -29,19 +29,188 @@
<!-- Whether a software navigation bar should be shown. NOTE: in the future this may be
autodetected from the Configuration. -->
<bool name="config_showNavigationBar">true</bool>
<!-- Enable system navigation keys. -->
<bool name="config_supportSystemNavigationKeys">true</bool>
<!-- When true use the linux /dev/input/event subsystem to detect the switch changes
on the headphone/microphone jack. When false use the older uevent framework. -->
<bool name="config_useDevInputEventForAudioJack">true</bool>
<!-- Flag indicating whether the we should enable the automatic brightness in Settings.
Software implementation will be used if config_hardware_auto_brightness_available is not set -->
<bool name="config_automatic_brightness_available">true</bool>
<!-- Minimum screen brightness setting allowed by the power manager.
The user is forbidden from setting the brightness below this level. -->
<integer name="config_screenBrightnessSettingMinimum">1</integer>
<!-- Screen brightness used to dim the screen while dozing in a very low power state.
May be less than the minimum allowed brightness setting
that can be set by the user. -->
<integer name="config_screenBrightnessDoze">17</integer>
<!-- Default screen brightness setting.
Must be in the range specified by minimum and maximum. -->
<integer name="config_screenBrightnessSettingDefault">71</integer>
<!-- Stability requirements in milliseconds for accepting a new brightness level. This is used
for debouncing the light sensor. Different constants are used to debounce the light sensor
when adapting to brighter or darker environments. This parameter controls how quickly
brightness changes occur in response to an observed change in light level that exceeds the
hysteresis threshold. -->
<integer name="config_autoBrightnessBrighteningLightDebounce">2000</integer>
<integer name="config_autoBrightnessDarkeningLightDebounce">8000</integer>
<!-- The maximum range of gamma adjustment possible using the screen
auto-brightness adjustment setting. -->
<fraction name="config_autoBrightnessAdjustmentMaxGamma">300%</fraction>
<!-- Screen brightness used to dim the screen when the user activity
timeout expires. May be less than the minimum allowed brightness setting
that can be set by the user. -->
<integer name="config_screenBrightnessDim">1</integer>
<!-- Is the notification LED intrusive? Used to decide if there should be a disable option -->
<bool name="config_intrusiveNotificationLed">true</bool>
<!-- Whether device needs to wait for Qualcomm MPCTL service to start
before setting power profiles on boot. -->
<bool name="config_waitForMpctlOnBoot">true</bool>
<!-- Array of light sensor LUX values to define our levels for auto backlight brightness support.
The N entries of this array define N 1 zones as follows:
Zone 0: 0 <= LUX < array[0]
Zone 1: array[0] <= LUX < array[1]
Zone N: array[N - 1] <= LUX < array[N]
Zone N + 1 array[N] <= LUX < infinity
Must be overridden in platform specific overlays -->
<integer-array name="config_autoBrightnessLevels">
<!-- Array of desired screen brightness in nits corresponding to the lux values
in the config_autoBrightnessLevels array. As with config_screenBrightnessMinimumNits and
config_screenBrightnessMaximumNits, the display brightness is defined as the measured
brightness of an all-white image.
If this is defined then:
- config_autoBrightnessLcdBacklightValues should not be defined
- config_screenBrightnessNits must be defined
- config_screenBrightnessBacklight must be defined
This array should have size one greater than the size of the config_autoBrightnessLevels
array. The brightness values must be non-negative and non-decreasing. This must be
overridden in platform specific overlays -->
<array name="config_autoBrightnessDisplayValuesNits">
<item>10.45935</item> <!-- 0-1 -->
<item>29.25559</item> <!-- 1-2 -->
<item>34.240692</item> <!-- 2-3 -->
<item>37.514347</item> <!-- 3-4 -->
<item>40.018696</item> <!-- 4-8 -->
<item>46.885098</item> <!-- 8-12 -->
<item>51.626434</item> <!-- 12-20 -->
<item>58.610405</item> <!-- 20-33 -->
<item>66.890915</item> <!-- 33-55 -->
<item>77.61644</item> <!-- 55-90 -->
<item>90.221886</item> <!-- 90-148 -->
<item>105.80314</item> <!-- 148-245 -->
<item>126.073845</item> <!-- 245-403 -->
<item>154.16931</item> <!-- 403-665 -->
<item>191.83717</item> <!-- 665-1097 -->
<item>240.74442</item> <!-- 1097-1808 -->
<item>294.84857</item> <!-- 1808-2981 -->
<item>348.05453</item> <!-- 2981-5000 -->
<item>389.70</item> <!-- 5000+ -->
<!-- An array of floats describing the screen brightness in nits corresponding to the backlight
values in the config_screenBrightnessBacklight array. On OLED displays these values
should be measured with an all white image while the display is in the fully on state.
Note that this value should *not* reflect the maximum brightness value for any high
brightness modes but only the maximum brightness value obtainable in a sustainable manner.
This array should be equal in size to config_screenBrightnessBacklight -->
<array name="config_screenBrightnessNits">
<!-- An array describing the screen's backlight values corresponding to the brightness
values in the config_screenBrightnessNits array.
This array should be equal in size to config_screenBrightnessBacklight. -->
<integer-array name="config_screenBrightnessBacklight">
<!-- Indicate whether to allow the device to suspend when the screen is off
due to the proximity sensor. This resource should only be set to true
if the sensor HAL correctly handles the proximity sensor as a wake-up source.
Otherwise, the device may fail to wake out of suspend reliably.
The default is false. -->
<!-- TODO -->
<bool name="config_suspendWhenScreenOffDueToProximity">false</bool>
<bool name="config_suspendWhenScreenOffDueToProximity">true</bool>
<!-- Should the device show AM/PM in unlock screen -->
<!-- <bool name="config_show_ampm_in_unlock_screen">true</bool> -->
<!-- List of regexpressions describing the interface (if any) that represent tetherable
USB interfaces. If the device doesn't want to support tething over USB this should
be empty. An example would be "usb.*" -->
<string-array translatable="false" name="config_tether_usb_regexs">
<!-- List of regexpressions describing the interface (if any) that represent tetherable
Wifi interfaces. If the device doesn't want to support tethering over Wifi this
......@@ -61,6 +230,9 @@
<!-- Enable 802.11ac for Wifi hotspot (SAP) -->
<bool translatable="false" name="config_wifi_softap_ieee80211ac_supported">false</bool>
<!-- Boolean indicating whether single radio chain scan results are to be used for network selection -->
<bool translatable="false" name="config_wifi_framework_use_single_radio_chain_scan_results_network_selection">false</bool>
<!-- Is the device capable of hot swapping an ICC Card -->
<bool name="config_hotswapCapable">true</bool>
......@@ -95,9 +267,32 @@
<!-- If this is true, the screen will come on when you unplug usb/power/whatever. -->
<bool name="config_unplugTurnsOnScreen">true</bool>
<!-- This string array should be overridden by the device to present a list of network
attributes. This is used by the connectivity manager to decide which networks can coexist
based on the hardware -->
<!-- Vibrator pattern for feedback about a long screen/key press -->
<integer-array name="config_longPressVibePattern">
<!-- Vibrator pattern for feedback about touching a virtual key -->
<integer-array name="config_virtualKeyVibePattern">
<!-- Vibrator pattern for a very short but reliable vibration for soft keyboard tap -->
<integer-array name="config_keyboardTapVibePattern">
<!-- Shutdown if the battery temperature exceeds (this value * 0.1) Celsius. -->
<integer name="config_shutdownBatteryTemperature">625</integer>
<!-- This string array should be overridden by the device to present a list of network
attributes. This is used by the connectivity manager to decide which networks can coexist
based on the hardware -->
<!-- An Array of "[Connection name],[ConnectivityManager.TYPE_xxxx],
[associated radio-type],[priority],[restoral-timer(ms)],[dependencyMet] -->
<!-- the 5th element "resore-time" indicates the number of milliseconds to delay
......@@ -159,6 +354,44 @@
phone object irrespective of this config -->
<bool name="config_switch_phone_on_voice_reg_state_change">false</bool>
<!-- Set to true to add links to Cell Broadcast app from Settings and MMS app. -->
<bool name="config_cellBroadcastAppLinks">true</bool>
<!-- Boolean indicating whether the wifi chipset has dual frequency band support -->
<bool translatable="false" name="config_wifi_dual_band_support">true</bool>
<!-- Boolean indicating whether the wifi chipset supports background scanning mechanism.
This mechanism allows the host to remain in suspend state and the dongle to actively
scan and wake the host when a configured SSID is detected by the dongle. This chipset
capability can provide power savings when wifi needs to be always kept on. -->
<bool translatable="false" name="config_wifi_background_scan_support">true</bool>
<!-- Wifi driver supports batched scan -->
<bool translatable="false" name="config_wifi_batched_scan_supported">true</bool>
<!-- Boolean indicating whether or not to revert to default country code when cellular
radio is unable to find any MCC information to infer wifi country code from -->
<bool translatable="false" name="config_wifi_revert_country_code_on_cellular_loss">true</bool>
<!-- Boolean indicating whether or not wifi should turn off when emergency call is made -->
<bool translatable="false" name="config_wifi_turn_off_during_emergency_call">true</bool>
<!-- Values for GPS configuration -->
<string-array translatable="false" name="config_gpsParameters">
<!-- Component name of the combo network location provider. -->
<string name="config_comboNetworkLocationProvider" translatable="false">com.qualcomm.location</string>
<!-- Remote server that can provide NTP responses. -->
<string translatable="false" name="config_ntpServer"></string>
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